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Top 5 Best Lunch Spots in Tomball

Picture this: it’s lunchtime. You’re in picturesque Tomball, Texas, home of so many incredible restaurants to visit and chow down in, but the one conflict in this (purely fictionalized) story is… you don’t know which restaurant to choose from! That’s where we at Visit Tomball come in to help you out. As connoisseurs of Tomball’s finest cuisines, we’ve put together our top five favorite restaurants for lunchin’, brunchin’, and munchin’. (Please note: these aren’t in any order! We love all of these places just as much as the next one.)

  1. Tejas Burger Joint | Menu & Delivery Options | 214 W Main St

If you’ve got a hankering for a piping hot, fresh burger, Tejas is the place for you! Their house-ground burgers come with a variety of toppings, sides, and other goodies to choose from, all handmade and lovingly cooked in-house. With a cozy, homey atmosphere and stellar service, Tejas is one of our favorite spots to get a home-cooked burger, some delicious fries, and maybe even a Bluebell milkshake, if the feeling grabs us.

Visit Tomball’s recommendation: The Smokehouse burger! The green onion aioli can’t be beat when it’s combined with some crispy bacon. Chef kiss.

  1. Pine Street Eats | Menu | Order Online | 107 N Pine St

For that comfort food brunch delight, Pine Street Eats is your best choice. Their signature Bear Paws– chicken biscuits with all sorts of toppings stacked on top– are sure to win over anyone looking for a warm, filling, and delicious Southern-style lunch. They also have breakfast picks if you’re there a bit earlier in the morning, and lots of options for kids! 

Visit Tomball’s recommendation: The Backwoods. Who knew orange blossom honey and dill pickles would work so well together when combined with fried chicken?

  1. Graze | Menu | 208 N Elm

Looking for something a little classy to take the in-laws to? Meet Graze, your newest favorite spot for lunch (and brunch cocktails, which they have plenty of). With fresh seafood, vegetarian options, and the BEST campechana (their menu’s words, you gotta try it to believe it), Graze serves the works at all times of the day– or night, if you have a dinner date you want to impress.

Visit Tomball’s recommendation: The marinated chicken street tacos are hard to beat with fresh tomato salsa and avocado on top, but partnered with the truffle fries? Mind-blowing. Trust us.

  1. Every-Bellies | Menu | Order Online | 106 Market St

If you’re a baked potato fiend (like the person writing this blog post is), Every-Bellies will check off all the boxes in your search for a lunch spot. Loaded taters? Check. Toppings for days? Check. Loaded fries if you’re feeling fancy? Check! This family owned and operated business started small in Tomball, but it’s grown into an unmissable spot on your Tomball tour if you’re into baked potatoes and Southern deliciousness that can’t be beat. 

Visit Tomball recommendation: The Dad’s BBQ Chicken loaded potato. What is in that secret BBQ sauce, Dad? It’s just too good! 

  1. Market Street Cafe | Menu | 302 Market St

Market Street Cafe is hard to miss– the front of the building is so picturesque, it’s hard not to take a billion pics each time we see it! But the outside isn’t the only beautiful thing about this small town, big flavor cafe. From sandwiches to soups and salads, Market Street Cafe has all sorts of delicious options to choose from, no matter your mood. This family-run spot is the place to be for some good grub and a lot of cute backdrops for #foodie pics, if that’s your style.

Visit Tomball’s recommendation: The salmon burger is grilled to sheer perfection, in our humble opinion, and the house-made tartar sauce only adds to the savory goodness! 

Of course, there’s tons more restaurants in Tomball for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but these are just a handful of the incredible Tomball-raised businesses that you can visit! Got a recommendation that we might’ve missed? Leave it in the comments below! 


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