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This strategic partnership between Tomball Economic Development Corporation and Visit Tomball promotes and celebrates experiences and products grown, raised, or manufactured in Tomball. Participating businesses and products can be identified by the program logo. The program serves Tomball businesses by providing resources and benefits designed to help businesses grow.


Food, manufacturers, home goods, skin care, or any products that you make/sell must produce, process, or manufacture 80% of their products in Tomball. Restaurants must be Tomball owned or serve dishes including multiple Tomball food ingredients. Retailers must sell three or more Made in Tomball products.


Made in Tomball Essentials

$100 Annually

Made in Tomball Listing
As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to be listed on the Made in Tomball directory on, which will showcase your business and products to potential customers searching for locally made goods in Tomball. This can help increase your visibility and attract new customers to your business.

Visit Tomball Advertising Discounts
20% off all sponsorship packages offered by Visit Tomball to provide your business with more visibility

Annual Social Media Post ($350 Value)
Our photographer comes out to your place of business and does a custom social media post and takes 3-5 professional photos you can use to promote your business. We will share and promote on the Visit Tomball social pages and include $50 of Facebook Advertising to promote the post.

Unlimited Use of Made in Tomball Logo on Brand Collateral
You are granted unlimited use of the MADE IN TOMBALL logo on your brand collateral, such as your website, social media, and marketing materials. This will help you showcase your affiliation with the program, enhance your brand identity, and build trust among your customers.

Partner Sticker
As a partner of the Made in Tomball program, you’ll receive a Made in Tomball sticker to display on your products or storefront, showcasing your commitment to producing high-quality products in Tomball and distinguishing yourself from competitors.

Made in Tomball Premier

$250 Annually

Essential Benefits +

Made in Tomball Events
Made in Tomball events provide partners with the opportunity to connect with other local businesses and gain valuable skills and knowledge through workshops, training sessions, and networking events. These events can help you enhance your business operations, build relationships, and increase your visibility in the community.

Annual Featured Blog on  ($350 Value)
You’ll have the opportunity to be featured in an annual blog post showcasing your business and products to the Tomball community. Our team will handle the interview, research, and writing, making the process simple and streamlined for you. This blog feature can help you increase your online visibility, attract new customers, and promote your brand as a locally-based business committed to producing high-quality goods in Tomball.

Made in Tomball Private Community
You’ll gain access to a private community where you can connect with other local businesses, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This exclusive community provides partners with a valuable platform for networking, learning, and building relationships with other businesses committed to producing high-quality goods in Tomball.

Product Placement at the future Visit Tomball Visitor Center
You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your products at the future Visit Tomball Visitor Center through product placement. This can help you increase your visibility and exposure to a wider audience of potential customers visiting the center, while also supporting the local tourism industry.

Promo Materials Showcased at Visit Tomball Events
Showcase your promotional materials at Visit Tomball events both locally and around the state. These events are designed to drive tourism to Tomball while also highlighting and promoting locally-made goods through the Made in Tomball program. By showcasing your promotional materials at these events, you can increase your brand exposure, attract new customers, and potentially increase sales.

Free Professional Product Photos ($450 Value) 
Receive five professional images of your products free of charge through the product photography initiative, when you donate your products to Visit Tomball. We use these products for giveaways and other promotional initiatives.


The Made in Tomball program is the perfect opportunity for local businesses who manufacture a product in Tomball, Texas to gain access to a host of benefits including increased discoverability through our directory listing, networking and promotional opportunities at our events, marketing support, and access to resources and information to help grow your business. Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your locally made products and tap into the power of the Made in Tomball brand. Sign up for the Made in Tomball program today!

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Tiffani Wooten
Assistant Director of the Tomball Economic Development Corporation
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Josh Schwaiger
CEO of Paradigm Brewing Company
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